Our Staff

Everyone on our staff is a valuable part of the system that allows us to give our patients the best possible care.

Beth Rakos

Office Manager

Beth joined Dunwoody Village Clinic in 2008 and eventually ended up as the Office Manager.  Originally from a tiny town in north Texas, she misses the food but not the weather and spends the time not working being not catching up on her Netflix queque.  She also has a dangerous addiction to YouTube toy review channels.

Elizabeth Schmaltz

Administrator & Chronic Care Management Coordinator

"Liz" was born in Craiova, Romania but grew up in Atlanta after being adopted by a local couple.  She is currently in school at Georgia State University, working to get her Nursing Degree.  She started working at Dunwoody Village Clinic in 2011 and currently works as an Administrator, Medical Assistant, is also the coordinator for our Chronic Care Management program.  In her spare time, she enjoys sports and photography.


Jenny Munhall


Jenny is a long time resident of Georgia and employee of Dunwoody Village Clinic.  She's lived and seen too many places to name but now spends her days (when not at Dunwoody Village Clinic answering patient calls and inquiries and precertifying procedures) delighting in her grandbabies.  She enjoys reading, dramas on Netflix and making Macaroni and Cheese.


Lazina Choudhary

Medical Assistant

Zina is Dr. Kinahan's primary Medical Assistant as well as handling the administrative duties for his MDVip program.  Originally from New York, she has agreed to grace the office with her presence but is one day leaving us for optometry school.  She enjoys mashed potatoes, sushi, and her cats (named Katy & Perry).


Welcome to our Newer Hires!

Although they don't have blurbs on the site yet, welcome to Cori, Montana, and Jacqueline!